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Company Profile・Company History

Message from the President

Your trusted and committed partner

Company President & CEO Tatsuo Saito

  We have specialized in conducting qualitative and quantitative research since 1969. Our mission as marketing research professionals is to provide authentic consumer opinions and offer wisdom in utilizing marketing data.
  We will continue to strive in pursuit of our long-held aim—that every one of our corporate clients regards us as a business partner.

Corporate Profile

Trading name Nippon Information Incorporated
Service We provide a range of market research services, both qualitative and quantitative.
Capital 55 million yen
Established December 1, 1969
Directors Company President & CEO  Tatsuo Saito
Senior Managing Director    Keita Saito
Director of Corporate Planning  Masaru Yahagi
Auditor   Wataru Megasawa
E-mail contact@n-info.co.jp
Head Office 4th Floor, Ryoshin Ginza East Mirror Building 3-15-10 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan 104-0061 Phone: + 81- (0) 3-3542-9441
Osaka Office 8th Floor, Samty Building Shinsaibashi, Chuo-ku, Osaka Japan 542-0086 TEL: + 81- (0) 6-6241-0202
Number of Employees 96 persons (220 dedicated researchers)
Professional Affiliations Japan Marketing Research Association
Japan Marketing Association
Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry

■ We support marketing activities through research and analysis, in accordance with the client’s objectives.

We are a marketing research company with strong proven performance in numerous market research methods, including CLT (Central Location Testing), HUT (Home Use Testing), Internet research and FGD, IDI and so on.

・Eye Tracking
Eye tracking explores deep human psychology from line-of-sight motion. Eye tracking can give indications that help measure the appeal of commodities: for example, noting a customer’s eye movements before picking up a product on display, or checking exactly where the customer looks on product packaging. Both standalone tracking and glasses-type tracking are available. We can deliver output expressed as heat maps, gaze plots, etc. (We own systems from Tobii and SMI)

・Retail Shop Research
Are you satisfied with research that only obtains answers about products purchased one month previously? This research can be conducted immediately after shopping, when memory is vivid. This research method obtains responses that are difficult to confirm via regular CLT, such as surveys of customer opinions while standing right next to the display shelf, or immediately after placing a product in a shopping basket. Another strong factor supporting this research is that since CLT (Central Location Testing) and tasting trials etc. can be carried out in the course of everyday shopping, we can obtain customer opinions in environments very similar to an everyday living situation. We have numerous case examples undertaken in the Kanto and Kansai areas.

・Focus Vision
We offer FGD(Focus Group Discussion) utilizing Focus Vision. We have introduced a system enabling overseas residents to view interviews. We also offer live transmission within Japan, which allows even those who are not at the interview venue to watch interviews in real-time.

For more information, Please contact us. We support marketing activities through research and analysis, in accordance with the client’s objectives.